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This Journey starts with you

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Relax. Recharge. Heal.

I am truly a free spirit that is native of the Virgin Islands. Working with my hands and connecting with people has always been deeply rewarding for me. This has driven my passion to practice holistic massage therapy. I've had the honor to study and graduate from the Cayce Reilly School of Massage Therapy-the leader of holistic education, wellness and healthcare.

The treatments that my TEAM provides are more than the typical massage. They are an intuitive journey to the Mind, Body, and Spirit Experience.

The Experience to Homeostasis...  

I have developed a signature technique that gently works with your bones, ligaments, organs and reflex points to restore function, balance, and ease to structure, organs, and glands.

Our Rhythmic movements combined with fluid hands-on techniques will assess, relax, release, and re-educate the body, joint by joint (spine, pelvis, ribs, shoulders, limbs), to promote and deepen the body’s understanding of its increased mobility and releases that occurred during your Journey session.

Your session will replenish, energize and remind the temple (self) how breath leads way to self healing. 


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Journey Bodyworks   

This Journey starts with you...

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